The Ground Shaker could be defined by its name alone, big groovy and rock sounds that give you this irresistible urge to “head bang”. Channeling their inner rage and bringing grit and groove back to the Rock scene, The Ground Shaker is revitalizing the genre, sticking to their root, and playing with a fearless conviction that is lacking of many of today’s bands. Giro Reign, mixes his raspy voice and sharp riffs with bluesy solos, creating a heavy and yet tasteful music. The band definitely bears the US footprint, that Giro has acquired in California, and embellishes it with harmonies and effective rhythms conferred by Dav’s guitar. Rey’s distorted bass complements the perfect chemistry of The Ground Shaker by supporting Bjorn’s bear strike and present drums thus making the rhythm section a locomotive of these hairy compositions.

In early 2016, Giro were asked to join the band of his childhood friend Dav (guitar), in which Rey (bass) was already playing since a couple of years. As he was back from the USA, where he has a Trash Metal band, (“Reign of Lies”), Giro accepted the invitation and convinced his longtime friend Bjorn to add his solid drumming skills to the band. Having been P.M.T’s drummer which played alongside with bands such as Korn and Marylin Manson, Bjorn was really excited to participate to this new project. “The Ground Shaker” was officially born.

In January 2017 The Ground Shaker hits the studio, in Swtitzerland, to records his first album. Being an inexaustible composer and having already composed and arranged 7 albums with his previous bands (Minkus, Reign of Lies), Giro had no trouble composing the eleven tracks of their first album, “Down the Hatch”. The album has been mixed by Johann Meyer at Silver Cord Studio in New York, which is “Gojira’s” studio and to finish with, the mastering was made by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street studio in Sweden.